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Feb 16, 2020
In Technical Questions
DXN Code Strike so I've put numbing cream on first and then it's just like like a or on the and a smooth down okay right they have it's kind of a gentle up-and-down whereas a shock wave has a high peak and then a you know a shock wave think of like well we use it for lift trip see for breaking up kidney stones right but the shock waves that we use to break up kidney stones are a hundred times stronger than the ones we use to stimulate this inflammation in the in the penis but basically think about a jackhammer right it's the same type of intense up-and-down that a jackhammer does instead of it's kind of like a mini jackhammer actually DXN Code Strike Reviews higher peak and a higher descent but basically what you're doing is tricking the body into thinking in this entire area for 20 minutes yeah instead of you know soft music I don't think you would used to visualize things on the inside of your body but the jackhammer is what you need to trick the body into creating inflammation now with a jackhammer you're breaking stuff up with the shock waves the shock waves still go through soft tissue now if the shock waves hit bone it hurts right so you know you need someone who's experienced in doing gains wave to do the gains wave because if they you know if they hit the bone that really hurts or if the shock waves hit the testicle you know something that has a lot of nerves that really hurts yeah hence the numbing cream that stuff comes in pretty handy I always get


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