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Race Reports

We use a website called for all our timing. You must register on there and book into all our race series events on there and all the results are uploaded directly to there. There is an app that can also be downloaded for quicker access if you prefer.

Round 1 XtremeRocks at Binegar Quarry

Sunday saw the EnduRocks extreme race series kick off with their XtremeRocks round 1 at Binegar quarry. The riders were welcomed with the view of huge Hill climb's spanning the entire height of the 80 foot quarry face and rocks bigger than the bikes but this didn’t deter the hardest of riders from lining the bikes up on the start line in anticipation of what else the lap held in store for them.


First off we saw the novice and sportsman riders kick their bikes into life for the two hour AM race which cut out the hardest parts of the track but still provided the riders with plenty of challenges from rock gardens to tight twisty woodland. The Novice race was won by 79 Gary Potts who did 9 laps and finished a lap ahead of 70 Chris Parr closely followed by 123 Tom Howells.


The Sportsman race was won by 110 Alan Stringer on a cracking 10 laps followed by 101 Mat Llewellyn on 9 laps hunted down by 114 Marc Hockin.


The Sportsman over 40’s was won outright by 671 Phil Webber followed by 115 Oliver Nutt both on an impressive 10 laps with 146 Kevin Rumming taking third place on 8 laps.


After a quick track change by the marshals the 3 hour PM race was lined up ready to endure the onslaught of huge hill climbs, descents and rocks which provided the toughest of riders with no let up or lapse of concentration for the entire race.


First up the expert class was ruled from start to finish by KTM UK/Eurotek KTM rider 9 Charlie Frost who hauled his bike around to an amazing 20 laps, second place was held the entire race by 167 Olly Lawer who pushed hard to finish on 18 laps followed in by 20 Harvey dark on 16 laps.


The Clubman class was won by 66 Mitch Frost who pushed hard all race to clock up a brilliant 16 laps, closely hunted down by 41 Thomas Simpson on 15 laps and 222 Ashley Sheppard closed in on a demanding 14 laps.


The Clubman over 40’s class was a constant battle between 35 David Smith and 16 Christopher Meaden both on 12 laps with 35 David smith finally taking the win.


As always a huge thanks go out to each and every one of you, you all rode really well on a very demanding lap and no one was seen to be course cutting or breaking tape which is always brilliant. A huge thank you to all the staff and marshals, catering, photographer and medic who give so much to make these events happen.

See you all at round 2 for more fun.


Championship Standings 2017

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