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Bring your designs to life with the new Rapid Sketch function that makes it quick and easy to bring your idea to reality.Drawing Features:Add 3D buildings and graphics to your drawings. Change the scale of your drawings and see how your model will look at different scales. Create components, alignments and groups from components you’ve added to your drawing.Drawing Properties:A better way to manage, apply and edit your AutoCAD drawing properties. Easily view and change drawing property attributes and updates in your drawing. Improve collaboration with dynamic attributes, including visibility and levels. Change property values instantly by editing or adding drawing text.Connection and 3D Drawing:Connect to and collaborate with others in your design projects. Easily send and receive drawings from other users. Render and display 3D views in 2D drawings.CAD Center:AutoCAD 2023 makes it fast and easy to access your AutoCAD commands. No matter where you are in your drawing, be it in the center, 2D or 3D view, the functions that you need are always available.Command Line:The command line in AutoCAD 2023 is now fully featured. New commands include a full set of graphical commands and several new scripting utilities.Coordinate Geometry:Find and change the location of features or objects in your drawings. Measure length, angle and angle degrees and more. Draw polylines, splines, arcs, circles and more. Automatically check the geometry for errors, and correct them if needed.Collections:Organize your designs with collections. Create new collections for specific purposes or to group related objects. Easily view and edit the attributes of your collections.Create Your Own:Bring your ideas to life with the new Create Your Own feature. Easily convert a PDF or printout into a 3D model. Add your designs to the 3D model in seconds, instead of editing the model manually.Dimensioning:Quickly dimension objects and create references. Adjust the dimensions of your drawing and see how they will look when printed. Change the units of measurements and change the units on your drawing. Create a reference and automatically fill it with a dimension, leading line, text box or reference block.Document Viewer:Collaborate on CAD designs with 2be273e24d


AutoCAD X64 [Updated-2022]

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